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April 13 2006 ~ Storm overflows used by South West Water in the Torbay Clean Sweep project do not comply with EU sewage rules. "A final warning has been received by the UK before possible court action over four urban centres, including Torbay, which result in sewage being discharged into the sea or rivers, causing pollution and health hazards..." WMN
An emailer writes,

Email received April 13 2006


I think this CLEAN-UP is certainly NOT GOOD ENOUGH in this area......Especially when the EC is pursuing legal action against the United Kingdom because it claims storm overflows used by South West Water in the Torbay Clean Sweep project do not comply with its sewage rules etc.
Nice to see Mr Bradshaw, the MP for Exeter, said: "There is a clear public demand to minimise the impact of unpleasant odours from waste water treatment works'.

Teignbridge at Viridor Near Fostervil 2001's Foot-Mouth associated leachate & is now contaminated with, OP’s, formaldehyde and other seriously hazardous pesticides etc. was extraordinarily and so unusually changed in this area because: both Viridor and SWW are owned by the Pennon group. Almost immediately they cut costs with the (normally well known safer way in most other areas) the tanker-ing away to the SWW Buckland of 27,000 gallons of leachate because of this new 20year leachate contract with Defra, because since this public's health has been put at great risk from this Grade 1 Toxic Waste because of the Foot-and-Mouth etc, now many more lives have been placed at risk as residents are forced to live along the main sewers of Sandygate etc, where this exceptionally hazardous substance is released nightly, and was well known for these unusual gases with OP’s, formaldehyde, Benzene, pesticides etc to leak up/ blow back into these peoples homes. Then 10 ton trailer-ed human excreta from SWW will then be stock pilled for anything up to 4weeks on fields etc but now impregnated with this Grade 1 Toxic leachate.

In other areas it is immediately injected into the soil…When I asked Mr Mounsey of this he agreed that they also had this at one time! Again this cost cutting is placing public's health at great risk in this area because of Pennon……..

When it is already known that; Pollutants cause huge rise in brain diseases Scientists alarmed as number of cases triples in 20 years

And we wonder what the Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas would think of so many of South West Waters Ten Tons of human sewage waste uncovered  trailer loads, stock piled / stored in fields for up to 4 weeks? situated above Kingsteignton / Teignbridge, helped by gale force winds & atmospheric conditions help continuous spreading of this vile, stinking & pernicious sewage gaseous stench all over the village, especially when 800 people have already gone down with Parkinson's in Teignbridge & Torbay & this is the highest figures for the UK....this should certainly make everyone think!