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email received 14 April 2006

" Dear Mary
I trust you are well . Unfortunately thousands of carcases of illegal meat; mutton, heads, chicken, oxtails, offal and beef, are heading towards London's markets and to big cities all over the country to be sold this bank holiday without being interrupted by the authorities.
I am enclosing the link to my presentation in Newcastle; I will keep my campaign up within the profession and the media until the authorities wake up.
The Health of the Nation is every body's business. Meat, unfit for human consumption, is entering the food chain in a country where the law guarantees the safety of meat from the stable to the table!
Nothing is happening to the criminals to stop their crimes. They make their tax free profits at the expense of our communities' health."Dr Yunes' presentation is at (Powerpoint) And see also the Meat Crimes page

(The International Herlad Tribune today carries an article on smuggled Asian poultry - a product at risk for carrying bird flu. The article quotes Timothy Moore, an official at the University of Nebraska who has advised the U.S. government on agricultural disaster planning. who says that a close second to illegal drug traffic come the illegal smuggling of animals