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email received April 27 2006

Hello Mary.

Whilst down in my beloved Devon this week, I popped into a farm and purchased, among other things, some organic - free range eggs. The different hens' names are written on the top of each egg. Clever these hens eh ? For luncheon today i am going to boil eggs kindly laid for us by Olive and Molly. I shall leave those laid and signed by Blushes and Freckles etc. to enjoy at the weekend. Fortunately the farm was very busy indeed.

Got home and learned of the 35,000 odd chickens due to be slaughtered in another uneducated slaughter. What sort of conditions are they being raised in? Have these poor things ever seen the light of day? Have they ever enjoyed a scratch around or a dust bath? 35,000. I bet they were crammed into one horrific shed.

Olive, Molly etc. make the most of it sweethearts `cos they will make sure that they will find it next in a free range organic flock.