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email received April 2 2006

Dear Mary,

Ours is one of those millions of 'unvalidated' claims.

Other letters - there appear to be 3 formats - give 'mapping queries' or SFP queries as the reason for non payment.

What is unique to all the letters is the last paragraph.

Don't call us. "If we don't contact you, there is no need for you to contact us" and they put it in bold so you cannot fail to see it!

The letter goes on, "validation of claims such as yours is our highest priority, and therefore we would be grateful if you would refrain from telephoning for updates on your case, as this will divert RPA staff from validation work"

On January 31st. most farmers will have paid income tax on this payment for the year - a payment they have yet to receive.

Many are in a very tight corner.

What a mess.


(name supplied)

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