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TB in badgers

Dear Mary,

I'd be most grateful if you would circulate pictures. ... The main stream press refused an offer to publish them, I understand. A case of don't look - can't see?

I hope that you realise that these oft quoted '13 million cattle movements' which are obviously spreading tb is a paper chase, not an actual cattle movement?

When an animal is 'moved', the movement attracts at least two pieces of paper for the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS).

The consigning farm fills in an 'OFF' movement and posts it either by a card torn from the passport, or on line. And the receiving farm / market / abattoir etc.does the same as an 'ON' movement. So the number of recorded 'movements' of some 9 million cattle does not mean each one has been doing handstands all over the country - only that Royal Mail or the telecoms companies have.

More accurate figures are:

That the RSPCA and Bourne and co. should be flagging up innacurate statistics like this is more than mischievious - it's an indication of the depth of their 'knowledge' - or duplicity!.