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email received Feb 6 2006

Dear Mary,

I expect you have heard that I refused entry to the RICS valuer on Thursday 2 feb, but allowed Linda Farrant - SVS vet (minus her lethal injection which was hidden in her bucket) and Caroline Fisher (animal health) in to check the calf`s health.

Caroline Fisher later "cautioned" me, but I do not know what for. I did say I did not understand at the time.

Defra now will be going to court to obtain a slaughter form A.

I am looking forward to appearing in the magistrates court, to tell a judge what DEFRA have been doing. Not only was the test NOT carried out according to DEFRA's SVS published "Manual of procedures for LVI`s", but it was also NOT carried out hygienically (which it must be or who knows what bacteria can be put in).

We also discovered that the LVI who did the test, whilst working for DEFRA has over-written the readings recorded on farm.

DEFRA are spending thousands of pounds telling me I must toe the line, when all I am asking for is a second test - which I have said I will pay for. I have no faith in the test itself, but since this is test is at the moment law, what else can I do?


Sheilagh Kremers.