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I read with interest the e-mail from Robert Persey. It appears that MAFF (as I still call them) are in a lose/lose situation.
Either they were guilty of negligence (once more) when "the granting of a licence at Burnside Farm before the outbreak in spite of the Ministry's knowledge that the farmer failed to meet the requirements of the regulations"   or they (MAFF/HMG) have lied (again) in their preposterous proposal that Burnside Farm was indeed the Index case for the 2001 FMD disaster. (see also warmwell pages on the "index" case)
Despite being asked on many occasions to produce evidence to prove this - they have not!
All evidence, not to mention common sense, suggests that Burnside was NOT the Index case.  They are merely guessing - to meet their own specific requirements of course.
I remember when Bruce Jobson, having attended the whole trial of Mr Bobby Waugh of Burnside Farm, described how many impartial jounalists sat in utter dismay when the Judge completed his summing up of the trial. If that was not completely indicative of the "system" protecting itself, what was?
I remember Bruce telling me about the trial. I remember him telling me very clearly that Trading Standards showed the court a video showing a number of barrels containing supposed catering waste. When the defence QC (JSS) cross examined Trading Standards it became obvious that Trading Standards had shot the video AFTER the farm site had been cleared of ALL waste. The defence had invoices proving that. That video was deemed inadmissible - and no one has ever asked where it came from, who ordered the shoot and even more importantly, who ordered this video to be used by the prosecution knowing full well that it was a fake?
Now, over 4 years later, we are all still "banging on" about the FMD fiasco. Why? Simply because I damn well know that we are not being told the facts; the "system" is definitely hiding something.
It is true that 10 years or so ago I would not have believed that Government Ministers would lie; now we know they do.  What is even more disturbing is that we now know that our own Prime Minister lies and is apparently quite happy to do so!   How about the Metropolitan Police Commissioner?   Well, we know he lied recently.  The Minister of Education?  Another one,  and don`t forget Morley, Beckett et al during 2001and more recently.
Personally I find these facts very disturbing.   Live in  a democracy? Only in our dreams! I now know that this wonderful country that I used to enjoy living in is controlled by liars!
A young Brazillian male shot dead in the centre of London after breathtaking incompetence!   (warmwell pages) No apology, or more importantly no admittance of guilt, despite overwhelming evidence that this was indeed  a catastrophic error.  Just  a constant strem of lies - again! Several times after the event we heard senior Police officials lie.  Why are they allowed to do that? Why lie continually? Who orders them to do so? There is absolutely no doubt that young man was killed very efficiently by UK special forces who were operating under the control of a Policewoman who simply was not up to the job.  Why lie about it? The officials  were simply carrying out their brief - with ruthless efficiency as always. It was the command and control that failed - again!  Do we really believe that, in our "democracy", the parents of this young man will ever be told the truth? No chance, the system will continue to lie  as they always do!
I know that HMG lied and lied some more over the FMD fiasco - but the real question is to what extent & why?
We may never know.