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Farmer's email received 25 January 2006

(see news item)

" Lord Bach`s pathetic defence of the Rural Payments Agency`s lamentable performance in making Single Farm Payments continues the long, sad history of this government`s rough treatment of farmers.

Lord Bach`s namesake ( J.S. Bach) composed a cantata in 1716 which contained an aria better known as "Sheep may safely graze". This was to celebrate the birthday of Duke Christian of Sachsen Weissenfels. The aria was in praise of hunting and the libretto compares the sense of security felt by a people governed by a wise ruler with that of sheep in the care of a reliable shepherd.

This government has banned hunting and is far from being described as a "wise ruler". The shepherds are without a payment promised to them and even their sheep are having their rights to "safely graze" severely curtailed." Ends