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Email received July 12 2006
Hello Mary
 I am still fighting my corner.  They still do not believe any harm has befallen us?
It is no wonder that the fishermen around the other FMD burial sites of Cumbria, Dumfries & Galloway have noticed  problems;  all Teignbridge residents were unfortunately to realise that there was going to be severe  environmental problems, especially when the Teignbridge Environmental Health Officer told us
''that he did not have enough money to throw at this massive problem''................. 
Health problems were first caused to my dogs then to us.  Many of these unusual problems are well known to be associated with pollution caused since 2001's Foot-and-Mouth's pyre etc, and this now is proving to be the causal link in several different areas of the country; Kingsteignton, Highhampton, Oakhampton, & now Chudleigh, Highweek, Kidderminster, & Worcester.
Mark Purdy the Organic Scientist has also mentioned recently that, the severe health problems will also be seen to be in the water. 

As you will remember I first started to have a battle with Environmental Health issues because of the disastrous gassings continuously coming from the rotting FMV carcasses back in 2001 into that massive 7acre burial chamber, but not finished being completely sealed until 2003. So we also have a massive leachate problem in this area, but the most unusual practice occurs, where  thousands of gallons of leachate get  directed down the main sewage drains nightly. 


 It was because of all this I have been forced to trace  professionals who also agree that there is still an ongoing major problem   (as does my own GP.)


Organic Scientist Mark Purdy 


retired GP & Toxicologist Dr Dick Van Steenis MMB

retired Engineer & Environmentalist Michael Ryan

Microbiologist Richard S.  He has found  failings regarding air monitoring at that Viridor landfill site;

Copied from Microbiologists report; A number of compounds known to be present in Landfill Gas (LFG) posses qualities that render them harmful to human health. Acceptable limits of these compounds have been published or adopted by regulatory authorities to safeguard human health. Such limits include Environmental Assessment Limits (EALs). (AERC p5)

Were found in the Viridor Landfill Gas (LFG)

Benzene, a highly potent carcinogen, was detected on-site in four locations in concentrations in excess of its Environmental Assessment Limits (EAL). At one location the level was 34 times the EAL, (AERC table 3)

Carbon tetrachloride was detected at 5 times its EAL at one on-site location. (AERC table3

Methyl mercaptan detected on three on-site locations in excess of its EAL, the highest concentration being more than 100 times over its limit. (AERC table 6)

Ethyl mercaptan was detected at the same sites in excess of its Eal, the highest being more than 20 times over its limit. (AERC table 6)

High concentrations (exceeding the upper detection limit) of Hydrogen Sulphide were found in all but one of the tested leachate cell vents and it was concluded that such levels could be responsible for odours beyond the boundary of the site. (AERC p13-14) Benzene, Methyl mercaptan and Hydrogen sulphide are included in the AERC Top Ten compounds in LFG as being most significant with regards to their health implications. (AERC p8-9).


Methane emissions from the Southern flank of cell 4 were extremely high indicating immediate action required ; it would be helpful to know what action was taken and when?  

When on- site amine tests were carried out no flux of either putrescence or cadaverine could be detected above the sheep burial area, which at the time of sampling contained 130.000 carcasses. This single factor has enabled AERC to conclude that the deposited carcases were not a cause of odour either on or off- site. AERC claims that this test is used as a forensic tool to locate mass graves, yet in this instance it has failed to detect a huge mass burial site. Thus, it would be misleading to attach too much significance to what can only be interpreted as an anomalous result. Furthermore, the inter-labority testing did not include amine test comparisons.  ,6903,1283563,00.html

Kindest Regards
& then to make things even worse we also have an Incinerator with 2 chimney stacks named Cremtor, that also has leachate. But they do not seem to care to monitor Dioxins & Furans (PCDD/F) except annually? so Dioxins & Furans levels could be sky high.  Dioxins are well known to be the cause of infant mortality..............
So that must be the reason why (an unplanned litter, & mother was not placed in front of the air purifier as Dr Dick Van Steenis suggests) & the two pups born 2 weeks ago died 2 days later.
DEFRA hide behind 'duff' incinerator consultants

Consultants, such as Enviros Ltd., provide reports on incinerator emissions to operators, such as WRG, and also to government departments, such as DEFRA according to their website.

There is widespread ignorance about the actual, but hidden, adverse health effects of incinerators and it is essential to expose and rebut the platitudes which are offered by experts, but which lack data or independent references.

Here are a series of letters [Click here] taken from the Shropshire Star which demonstrate that the expertise offered to DEFRA and WRG by Enviros Ltd. is flawed and companies such as WRG should be scrapping incinerator plans and promoting plasma-gasification instead as the only safe option for waste disposal. The only true Zero Waste system is plasma gasification, which produces no hazardous ash - just electricity, recyclable vitirified gravel and hydrogen, and there should be no health damage from emissions.

Incinerators emit PM2.5 particulates, which usually contain heavy metals, PAHs and sometimes radioactive waste [in 2002, there were 34 incinerators in England & Wales that were authorised to burn radioactive waste]. These pass through abatement systems and are totally unregulated and not measured in the UK. The content is worse for health owing to hazardous fuel as well as hazardous content, often imported. These PM2.5s are breathed in and the soluble parts pass through the body causing widespread health damage.

The Shropshire Star Letters page has revealed that the UK's incineration policy is based on fraud and has no consideration for the provable adverse health effects of PM2.5 emissions including the significant reduction in life expectancy.

Jonathan Davies, of Enviros Consulting Ltd is a co-author of DEFRA's report about waste disposal and he has been exposed by the Shropshire Star's letters page. Click here to read letters which are a key part of Incinerators: A Few Home Truths.

Some opponents of waste incineration opt for processes that result in pelletized waste that is then burnt in incinerators or cement kilns resulting in high levels of toxic PM2.5 emissions.

Our Dogs West Highland White Terrier column, November 4, 2005,  page 36
 ''As since the 2001 Foot & Mouth Diane's kennel has been under attack from pollution caused at the time, first sterility then abortions and central nervous system damage, sudden deaths, deformities, now the community has high asthma, cancer, birth defects and 800 (highest figures in the UK) Parkinson figures. Diane has campaigned incessantly, her efforts had lead her to work alongside a panel of experts who also agree that the fore mentioned problems occurred since 2001 F&M out break, known as the World's Worst Plague.
For all these reasons Diane feels communities that were also subjected to so much pollution due to the F&M must be informed and therefore she would be only too pleased to hear from anyone who may feel they have suffered in similar circumstances" by- Marjorie Dickinson.

Shropshire Star's Newspaper and their website, ever since 2001's Foot-and-Mouth I have been forced to research information regarding birth defects etc caused to my dogs from pollution, so was pleased to find those type of letters on; ........ Written by Michael Ryan, Shrewsbury.


I also found another very interesting website; written by Dr Dick Van Steenis.... I would now very much like to thank both of them.

Recently 3 out of 4 of my dogs born during that time  (FMD)  have only just managed to produce their first litters, at  the  unbelievable late age of almost 5.  Organo Phosphates and Formaldehyde are well documented to be the causal link of such problems. With an exceptionally great team of experts supporting me, I am now able to continue with them to collect further information. If you can help me further with this please do contact me by email at

Email received July 12 2006





































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