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Email received July 18 2006
Dear Mary
First of all, I must say, I have no proof of my goats having died of 1080, but I do know that livestock has been affected in other places and 1080 was dropped not far away from here.
 On July 3rd, many of my special goats were shot from a  boat, which is the event that sparked this whole episode. I live on an island in th Marlborough Sounds, NZ and  (the goats) have been experiencing many health problems of late. I was concerned that my very capable vet had not been able to come up with anything conclusive despite several autopsies and different approaches to the problem. The best we could come up with was Lung Worm and the ongoing problems associated with this....we are treating the goats accordingly.
I belong to a group who is fighting the continued use of 1080 and as it was recently used not far from where I live, I was wondering if somehow it had affected my animals, who displayed signs of poisoning at times, but as I said, I have no proof of this.
I will give you the contact for Kate and Bill, who are the driving forces behind the fight to get 1080 banned in NZ.  Kate has a wealth of info that might be of great interest to you and perhaps open a door to get our sleepy politicians to have a re-think on the use of 1080.
At the moment we are focusing on the "drive-by" shootings of my goats and the threat to human life out here on the island that it presents, not  to mention the poor animals who were killed or left to die a lingering death.
Some of my goats are now in England and represent an old breed. DNA is being organized. Could you go to the following site, please?  and this will give you some background to the shooting event
Also  which will bring up a site for the goats in the states and  give some information on the DNA.
There is a very real danger the residue from 1080 could be in exports, but Kate is the one to talk to about this as she has been so dedicated in trying to combat what many of us see as a terrible threat to the environment.
My sincere thanks fro making contact and hopefully we can work together to stop this.
Betty Rowe
Arapawa Wildlife Sanctuary





































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