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Bird flu threat housing flocks not always an option

Defra urged to put in place vaccine plan

Small scale poultry keepers have joined forces to lobby Defra for the establishment of a preventive vaccination policy for avian influenza.

The 14-strong group of organisations - including the British Waterfowl Association, the Poultry Club of GB and the Henkeepers Association - is urging the government to put in place a plan now in case vaccination is deemed necessary in the future.

Dr Ashton argues that while the majority of commercial poultry farmers can house their flocks and rely on biosecurity as a preventative measure, many smaller keepers of poultry do not have that option. The group is urgently pressing Defra to: Perhaps surprisingly, considering the wideranging views on the merits of vaccination as a control method, there was support for the move from a broad cross-section of stakeholders at a meeting held by Defra earlier this month.

BFREPA vice-chairman John Widdowson participated in the meeting where he reaffirmed the Association's support of the government's current stance on vaccination.

Defra confirmed at the meeting that it currently holds no vaccine bank.





































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