email forwarded March 12 2006

Since the pathogen in TSE's is a protein-fragment (known as a "prion") - not an organism - and since the, centuries-old, scrapie of sheep and the, recently developed, BSE of cattle are both caused by very slightly different varieties of the same pathogen - which was adapted, from scrapie-prion of American sheep, for infectivity to cattle, via Rocky-Mountain deer and mink - there seems to be no justification for calling any TSE of sheep "BSE", unless it is understood that such a TSE is essentially scrapie.

Indeed, it could be that BSE-prion has developed back-infectivity to sheep, but such an occurrence would be mainly of academic interest, since its effect on sheep would be identical to that of scrapie. One might as well refer to BSE as "scrapie of cattle".

One wonders, therefore - considering the implications for food-animal targeted biological warfare of the adaptation of the original American-sheep prion, and the socio-economic and propaganda-effects, which emanated from them - what the would-be supranational government is up to now, apart from "no good", of course, which, in my view, goes without saying.

A. Correspondent