email received March 22 2006 Silence of the Lambs - 2 minute silence on 27 March Prof. Bob Michell

This is just to let you know that I will be observing a 2 minutes silence in memory of all the animals that were so brutally slaughtered during the FMD fiasco of 2001 on Monday 27th March 2006 at 1300 hrs at the main gates to the Great Orton Slaughter site. This site is now called Watchtree by DEFRA. How touching.

You may know that there is a "memorial" stone adjacent to the main entrance that is inscribed with the usual lies. I will be there just to redress the balance. I will tell the truth and after the 2 minutes silence I can assure everyone that I will have a few words to say!

I would be delighted to be accompanied by anyone who feels they would also like to pay their respects & also perhaps pass comment. I wonder if the press will have the guts to be there?

Perhaps you would be so kind to advertise the occasion?

Thank you.