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Taken from an email received March 27 2006

A Buddhist priest spoke a few words for the animals. Border TV reported at midday today and (hopefully) this evening. The weather was fine although all around it was heavy rain and thick cloud. Two wreaths were laid and a short address given after the two minutes' silence.

The speaker tells warmwell, " I can tell you, even with a bland piece like the one I have quoted, I had difficulty in getting through it. FMD has cut deeply into most caring people`s psyches.

There was a grim irony at Gt. Orton during the ceremony. Two huge waste disposal tankers rolled up to the site. This is a daily event to collect the "leachate" from the site for disposal elswhere. Had Defra taken the slightest bit of notice of one of the farmers - a civil engineer and used to digging massive holes in the ground - they would not have the problem which will cost more than 2million per year for the next decade.

Sleep soundly little ones, you are not forgotten."