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..a-tishoo, ..a-tishoo!  ALL FALL DOWN?*


How prepared are we for Avian Flu?



A manifesto for global livestock epidemic disease eradication in our lifetimes.

Dr Roger Breeze


7.30pm Wednesday 15th March, Manchester Town Hall  (Admission free)


Dr Breeze comes originally from Manchester, and was formerly the leading US Government Advisor on agricultural research and FMD.  He is currently Chief Scientific Advisor to the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), which is working to develop interagency imaging and advanced surveillance research programmes for federal government, designed to counter terrorist threats against public health, agriculture, and the food supply system in the U.S..


Dr Breeze also manages non-proliferation research programmes with scientists in Kazakhstan and Russia who were formerly engaged in biological weapons research, as these programmes involve agriculture, pubic health and food safety-related research beneficial to the U.S. and the co-operating country.  From 1996 until 2004, Dr Breeze served as the director of USDA ARS South Atlantic Area.


The 2001 FMD (Foot and Mouth) epidemic cost the country 8 billion pounds in terms of lost tourism revenue, compensation to farmers, and associated slaughter and clean-up costs.  It is argued that it was a major national disaster that could have been avoided, or better managed, in terms of minimising the animal welfare costs, and the social, health, economic and human impact.  'The Cultural Documents of FMD' conference' 14 - 16 March, Manchester Town Hall, provides an opportunity for an informed and constructive public debate, five years on, about what happened, and also aims to highlight some of the lessons to be learned from this experience, to help us manage future animal epidemics, agro-terrorism threats, and natural disasters.


Dr Breeze’s talk will cover preventative measures based on the FMD experience that could be deployed in the context of Avian Flu.  He will also discuss the role of advanced satellite imaging technologies in mapping potential agro-terrorism threats, and tracking future global pandemics. 


Dr Breeze comes from Heywood Manchester and is still a partner in the family dairy farm.


For more information please contact:

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*Ring a Ring a Roses..  Most people believe that this rhyme originates from the time of the Great Plague. The roses refers to the rosy coloured rash displayed by sufferers; the posies were a little bundle of herbs and spices said to ward off the plague; and a-tishoo was of course, the sneezing which accompanied the final fatal moments of the victims when they would all fall down - dead!