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email received from Sheilagh Kremers March 30 2006

Fern v. DEFRA

Dear Mary,
Sorry not to have written before.  I feel a bit shell-shocked sometimes.  Will you please post a huge thank you on warmwell site from me to everyone who has been so warm and helpful and caring, especially people like Bryn Wayt and Ozzy and Danny and of course you.
  I dont feel like we have lost, because so many people come up to me when I go into town and shake my hand or give me a hug that Iknow we have affected so many hearts. 
 All I want to make sure of for now is that we don't let them forget. 
On Monday I refused to sign what they call a valuation form, which was in fact slaughter form B again, before they told me how much they were going to give me for him.  So he's still with us.  That`s not how my world goes.  The valuer had already told me that it was DEFRA who had told him it was only to be market value.  On the table of valuations it is called  "compensation". In my dictionary compensation is : "the act of making amends for something, something given in reparation for loss, injury etc"
  If I wanted to sell him, I would ask market value, but I dont want him to go.  I cannot replace him, because of his breeding, but that does not seem to make a difference to DEFRA.  So now they are going to appoint a rics valuer.  They will be at my gate again soon. 
The battle goes on. 
Best wishes


Bovine TB policy in the US - as Owen Paterson discovered - makes use of PCR testing.

The Chronology

Mrs Sheilagh Kremers and her fight for her pedigree calf

March 30 2006 ~ " I don't feel like we have lost, because so many people come up to me when I go into town and shake my hand or give me a hug..."

March 9 2006 ~ " the calf had only a 20 to 30% chance of having the disease"

It is a sad day for Mrs Kremers and those who support her. The second test - won at such cost in determination and courage - has been returned as a positive. She has reluctantly and very sadly agreed that Fern be slaughtered. She told the BBC

5 Mar 2006 ~ Ben Bradshaw's statement re the Kremers case

March 4 2006 ~ Bovine TB "The Ben Bradshaw statement on the Kremers' calf calls into question the entire bovine TB testing regime."

March 2 2006 ~ We learn today that Sheilagh Kremer's Dexter calf, Fern, has been granted a second TB test by Defra

Thursday 2nd February ~ Mrs Kremers has vowed to go to jail rather than allow her calf to be killed

January 12 2006 ~ Mrs Kremers continues to fight for her five-month-old TB reactor Dexter bull calf

January 9th 2006 ~ SVS refuses retest for Mrs Kremers' calf

January 4th 2006 ~ Anthony Gibson - support for farmer's fight for her calf

January 3rd 2006 ~ "The potential advantages of the PCR cycler over the gamma interferon test..

January 3rd 2006 ~ The pedigree calf "might" have TB - so it must be shot, says DEFRA