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email received 3 March 2006


Having seen with deep distress and disbelief the culls carried out during foot and mouth, and read in detail the provisions made for in the Animal Health Bill, I'm now starting to worry about what the government may do with domestic cats should avian flu begin in Britain?

They clearly have permission to carry out 'firebreak' culls forcibly in set areas, which could easily be adapted to allow domestic cats if they are identified as risks. I have four beloved pet cats who go outdoors only in a run, however we live in a closely populated town and previous experience from 2001 tells me that no excuses or reasons will be listened to in the case of panicking politicians.

Is this likely?

Is there anything I can do at all should this come to pass?

I'm wavering between feeling I'm being over dramatic and remembering that I trust this government about as far as I can spit.


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