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November 1 2006

Dear Mary

I sent these two emails to 'Farming Today' this morning.  I doubt if
they will provoke any response!

In the 'World at One' interview with Paul Cheale, one of the directors
of Cheale Meats, he said:
"The first reaction should have been to send a vet to the area from
which the farm, the pigs came and examine the rest of the stock.
That could have been done within hours.
And if he'd arrived at the farm and looked at the stock and saw no
incidence of foot and mouth then you can bet your bottom dollar that
there is absolutely nothing there.
As far as I'm aware, this did not happen."
This seems rather important to me.  Imposing movement restrictions on
the abattoir would have been of little importance: none of the animals
there would be going anywhere else - and even the meats etc. would not
be going anywhere likely to spread disease in the immediate future.  But
if FMD had been present on the farm which sent the pigs, the danger
would have been extreme.  Does Farming Today know whether Defra sent a
vet to the source farm - and if movement restrictions were imposed on
it?  If these elementary precautions were not taken, it seems that a
repetition of the disastrous chain of events in 2001 were prevented by
the luck that it was a false alarm.
Can the Farming Today team shed any light on this, rather important

Lawrence Wright
Middle Campscott Farm





































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