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HINDSIGHT? Hardly...

Dr Paul Kitching - the Channel 4 interview in 2001 "Certainly there's a lot of perfectly healthy animals that are being killed, I think when this outbreak is investigated in the future, we'll get a clear idea of just how many animals were slaughtered unnecessary, yes."

October 12 2006 ~ "A consortium of leading scientists is to undertake research to combat animal diseases in Scotland, using a £2.5m Executive contract over the next five years at a "centre of excellence"..."


Please see the pdf file from A. Lambourne 27 February 2002 FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE: LESSONS LEARNED INQUIRY

Dr Kitching explains why the necessary data was not available. It was because of resource problems. He highlights further weaknesses: Kitching goes on to state: He summarises by saying Kitching went on to say,