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Email to warmwell Oct 14 2006


  • Dear Mary,
    ..... The ones in charge will never understand that its not the disease that destroys all the trust one might have in "experts" but how they bulldoze their way, hiding behind man made rules without understanding the relationship between animal, men and rural life. There was a quote somewhere about a butterfly moving its wing in one part of the world causing a chain reaction that causes a catastrophy someplace else.

    This is what happens with farming : it is a very small part of the economy and it might not have an impact on the financial statistics of a country but destroying this part of the society will have a devastating effect in the long term.

    I will never forget the speech the Prince of Wales made when opening the Royal Show 2002, here are some extracts :

    .......I have to say that it is utterly incredible to me that farming - the basic industry of mankind - can be in such a state of crisis as it is today. It is an indicator of a society that takes its food for granted and, as I am sure all of you can testify, it shows how frighteningly detached too many people have become from the reality of how it is produced. ......

    .....And, Ladies and Gentlemen, let us remember that the line between too much food and too little is very thin indeed. This country must retain the ability to grow its own food. Situations can change in the world unexpectedly and there could easily come a day when the UK might be reduced to relying on its own resources once again. So let us not sacrifice long-term security for short-term convenience......

    As you can see we are not alone so I think we will do what we have always done : to fight on. And think of Edmund Burke : evil prevails etc.

    Here's something to cheer you up: little heifer has been born, a real beauty (picture below) and the sire is Neville, who is George's young brother. This is a good thing with cows, they don't care about the man-made mess and I am sure there will still be Longhorns around when all the bloody bureaucrats are long gone.
    Watching this little girl getting up and mum being so happy was again something to show me that it is worth fighting. The sound of a calf suckling and the cow licking her newborn, the smell of milk and the sound of the cow "talking" to her baby is a world of its own and no one should have the right to spoil these moments.

    Seems I am getting old......





































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