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The full posting on ProMed can be seen here - Archive Number 20061002.2821 Published Date 02-OCT-2006 Subject PRO/AH> Foot & mouth disease - UK (03): follow-up diagnostic methods

Professor Donaldson says in his post,


The moderator notes the following:

Source: DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs)

Rapid test and comments

Various Science Advisory Council recommendations make it clear that the development and use of diagnostic technologies is Defra's responsibility, not IAH [Institute for Animal Health] Pirbright's, and that decisions on policy priorities are the responsibility of the UK Government. Two UK DEFRA documents have been brought to my attention:

Recommendation 13 in
<> (2 September 2004) states: "Accurate pen side tests should be developed for the diagnosis of FMD in cattle and pigs. The Department should develop the capability to identify further research needs, including a review of current technology and the identification of novel future technologies." [Why sheep are not included is puzzling as they are the most difficult to diagnose in the field. - Mod.MHJ]

and item 14 in
<> (2 February 2005) says: "Defra should set out the timeframe for the development and validation work on pen side tests and provide an estimateof when these tests are likely to be available for deployment." --

Martin Hugh-Jones
ProMED-mail moderator

[From the start this thread stretched the normal ProMED-mail criteria for posting, but while some might claim that not all questions have been answered, this thread is now cut. - Mod.MHJ]

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