Report questions TB badger culls
Guardian Unlimited, UK -
... It found that before the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak, the prevalence of bovine TB in culled badgers in the UK was around 5%. During ...
Badger cull 'low priority' for TB BBC News
Report stirs up badger culling controversy
Row over badger cull plans CBBC newsround (audio)
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Bovine TB in dead badgers
ic Wales, United Kingdom -
I announced the survey in December 2005 to establish whether badgers in Wales were carrying bovine TB. ... The report confirms 55 were infected with bovine TB. ...
Bovine TB spotted in Gretna herd
BBC News, UK - 21 Sep 2006
Scotland has suffered its largest case of bovine TB in a single dairy herd, according to the Scottish Executive. The "significant ...
Over 50 dead badgers had bovine TB
News Wales, UK - 22 Sep 2006
By the end of May this year 459 badgers had been found dead in Wales and tested for bovine TB and a new report today says 55 tested positive for the disease. ...
Farm hit by bovine TB outbreak
ic, UK - 21 Sep 2006
Dozens of cows are to be slaughtered following the biggest outbreak of bovine tuberculosis ever to affect a single herd in Scotland, officials have said. ...

BBC News
Bovine TB outbreak prompts cull
BBC News, UK - 25 Sep 2006
... population. The "significant outbreak" was described by the executive as Scotland's largest case of bovine TB in a single dairy herd. The ...