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October 2006 ~ How FMD crisis was turned into a disaster - Fordyce Maxwell in the Scotsman quotes Toby Tennant

October 2006 ~ "A consortium of leading scientists is to undertake research to combat animal diseases in Scotland, using a £2.5m Executive contract over the next five years at a "centre of excellence"..."

October 2006 ~ Magnus Linklater - "false statistics, poor modelling, wrong deductions and bad science."

October 10 2006 ~ " the guidelines for the implementation of such vaccination are still hazy."

October 10 2006 ~ More on mathematical modelling exercises

October 7 2006 ~ DEFRA FMD "Modelling Exercise" notice on the DEFRA website is dated 20 September 2006

Oct 3 ~ Professor Donaldson "...I am very familiar with the claims made by Roger Breese (sic) and Fred Brown for the rapid diagnostic method for FMD..."





































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