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email received Sept 28 2006

Dear Mary

Hope you are well and life is trouble free!

I wonder if you could find time and space to give an airing to an item that was on Radio 4 Farming Today yesterday. Earlier in the year the RSPCA took huge newspaper coverage at enormous expense to urge the public to write and condemn a cull of badgers they said in this advertisement that (in so many words) that badgers had nothing to do with the spread of TB and that it was a cattle to cattle disease.

I believe I may have written to you about this. A lot of us wrote to the RSPCA and the various newspapers complaining about the completely misguided information it was giving the general public.

However Nick Renwick (not sure if spelling is correct!) of the Welsh Farming Union and Hilary Seals a South Devon breeder from Derbyshire were the only people to challenge these articles with the Advertising Standards Agency - after a protracted investigation and the RSPCA employing a team of expensive lawyers - the ASA upheld the complaint saying that they had invesigated the claims made by the RSPCA and found them to be unjustified (or that was the result) this was a huge success for Nick and Hilary and I just wondered if you could give them a bit of publicity - because after Farming Today and the agricultural press have made brief mention, it will all die a death and the public will continue to donate to a Charity which again has spent Charity money in an incorrect manner.

Whatever does the Charity Commission do?

Best wishes






































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