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Merial to develop bluetongue vaccine


Merial has launched development work on an inactivated purified vaccine designed to protect cattle and sheep against the bluetongue virus (BTV8) that has been introduced  into Northern Europe in 2006.  It is hoped to have the inactivated vaccine available for use by mid-2008.


Merial is well-experienced with bluetongue vaccine development and already has commercial vaccines against BTV2 and BTV4. It also has a product in development against BTV9 that is expected to be ready later this year.  Like the existing vaccines, the BTV8 vaccine will require a temporary authorisation for exceptional circumstances.  BTV vaccination being EU regulated, it will be sold only to Governments.

Said Carolin Schumacher, head of Merial's Veterinary Public Health business,:"In Europe it is now expected that BTV8 is here to stay. This may result in significant economic losses for  livestock farming, animal trade and exports.  Since the start of BTV work in 2003, MERIAL has developed substantial expertise, modern vaccine technology, production sites and a fully dedicated Veterinary Public Health Team working on BTV solutions to support the Veterinary Services of infected countries in  responding to major Bluetongue virus outbreaks "




































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