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Andrew Stephens - after working as a vet with dairy cattle in West Wales for a few years Andrew Stephens took up a research post with the Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Research Unit (VEERU) at The University of Reading.

In response to comment written on the farmtalking forum he wrote this week (Aug 13 2007) on the misconception that vaccine is useless 'because you need to know the exact strain'.

All this corresponds with another email received from Dr Ruth Watkins this week on the subject of vaccination and its misconceptions. Particularly relevant to those who think that vaccination amounts to a sort of nasty chemical cocktail being pumped,willy-nilly into animals. Dr Watkins wrote (Aug 12)

On the question of whether the UK will have to "keep vaccinating if it starts", Andrew Stephens wrote: Vaccination to kill seems to me only to be an admission of failure of a stamping out policy. ie. the inability to execute a stamping out policy because of lack of provision of adequate resources.
































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