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Aug 8 2007 From Dr Colin Fink received (Clinical Virologist & Hon. Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences University of Warwick Micropathology Ltd Research and Diagnosis)


Vaccination : yes of course. That should have been the immediate reaction for all susceptible animals within the zone considered to be at risk. It could have been undertaken in one day first round.

We have ignorance aplenty and still no policy from DEFRA together with mis-information from the majority of the press. In the meantime the methods of sluaghter are medieval and the marksmen walk away from the infected area in their 'protective' suits.

When will HMG set up a standing committee of virologists/ vets and medics who actually know something about infectious disease so that policy is created by this groups and not by DEFRA who still have no expertise, but choose to interpret good diagnostic information from the Vet labs without using the expertise within thse labs for shaping their policy.




August 10 2007

Dear Mary,

Debbie Reynold's latest briefing seemed to be reasonably coherent . However , the present 'no vaccination' strategy , makes no acknowledgment of the possibility of wild life vectors who do not, I believe, have cognisance of a 3 km exclusion zone nor 10 km protection zones.

Also the present policy assumes one distribution of virus by primary intent only ( ? accident ? sabotage ).

Vaccination around the present areas, as I suggested earlier, would prevent any further environmental virus distribution from having much clinical effect and would lower any re-excretion rates of virus into the environment. - a basic tenet of vaccination.

If the present policy is successful, it will be a measure of good luck in ignoring these two variables. One of the more worrying aspects of the clinical presentation of the second affected animal group in this outbreak, was the profound onset of the illness simultaneously in a number of animals . This strongly suggests a high viral load within the environment that infected this group all together.

That to my mind would be one reason why vaccine for this outbreak should be used sooner rather than later.

































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