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Feb 10 2007

Dear Mary,
I haven't quite stopped listening to the news.
I am astounded and appalled, as usual, by the general inability to feel animal suffering.
It's ALL about threats to human health and import controls.
There are a very few exceptions, notably Ian Gibson (who is a politician of some sort) and Jon Snow (who feels all suffering, not particularly animal) but these honorable people are forced to make light of their suffering, hide it wherever possible, or make jokes about it.  It's as if enjoying cruelty to animals is a badge of honour.
I am a total pacifist, but I do understand how "animal rights extremists" are driven to violence. 
I also see how completely industrial farmers and drug barons have sidelined goodwilled and honest people.  The more compassionate people  protest, the more sidelined they become.
Is there anyone saying if we treat turkeys like that what do we expect?





































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