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Dear Mary

Your readers may be interested to know that increasing amounts of catering waste and Category 3 meat waste (feathers, offals etc.) are now being composted and spread to land. I am very concerned that some of the systems being authorised are not capable of always meeting the criteria of 1 hour at 70oC.

There is risk of cross contamination with unprocessed material engaging supposedly processed material. The system with the greatest risk is the tower/cage system where material is fed in at the top of the tower and travels by gravity to the bottom where it is removed. I have written to the CVO expressing my detailed concerns and I have suggested that a full risk assessment should be carried out.

I expressed my concerns in relation to the risk of FMD and swine fever escaping. I regard the risk as being even more serious now that Avian flu is amongst us. I will try and forward my letter to the CVO for your interest.

Kind Regards and thank you for all of your work.

PS the Ombudsman is still promising her much delayed report into the swill feeders and FMD.



































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