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Archive March 2007

March 31 2007 ~ Margaret Beckett is apparently "too busy with the Iran situation" to address the concerns of the EFRA Committee. She shifts responsibility back to the civil service.

March 30 2007 ~ Bluetongue vaccine - " Killing 'infected' holdings is utter nonsense"

March 30 2007 ~ Bluetongue - Is vaccination to kill yet again the only plan for the UK?

March 30 2007 ~ "DEFRA and the RPA must now publish a comprehensive reply to this report, demonstrating that they have learned from their many mistakes"

March 29 2007 ~ "Her apology is rather like a burglar who has entered the premises and run off with the swag before expressing anger that the accomplice smashed the window on the way."

March 29 2007 ~ Hardly surprising that Devon is particularly outspoken. That county, like other rural areas, has been so badly hurt by DEFRA.

March 29 2007 ~ "The Committee very much regrets the former Secretary of State's attempts verbally to distance herself from the consequences of policies which she herself must have approved "

March 28 2007 ~ "A clearly articulated business model; An innovative approach to citizen engagement. .."

March 28 2007 ~ The combined acronyms would form the phrase "It's civil shrewd mess"- but the new agency is, in fact, to be called "Animal Health" .

March 27 2007 ~ "Given that a key part of the remit of the FAO is to develop international agricultural trade, reticence to accept that this trade is the main agent of global dispersal of HPAI H5N1 is perhaps unsurprising."

March 26 2007 ~ "Within the area around the infected premises, there were enhanced levels of surveillance of wild birds."

March 26 2007 ~ As for the reality of "surveillance"

March 26 2007 ~ "Paradoxically, the H5N1 virus coupled with a fear of transmission by wild birds could lead to a reversion to battery farming which increases risk of outbreaks."

March 25 2007 ~ "The conference recommended that poultry should be vaccinated against avian influenza.."

March 25 2007 ~ "Well, Harriet had the last word."

March 22/23 2007 ~ Richard Sanders at Verona: "Well, I think we are winning the argument..."

March 22/23 2007 ~ Verona Conference - Vaccination: a tool for the control of Avian Influenza

March 21 2007 ~ "the main device under discussion at the meeting is a $1,000 mobile test system and reader the size of a small portable television"

March 21 2007 ~ "new life to the theory that mad cow disease started out in cattle, rather than crossing over from sheep."

March 2007 ~ The only innocent parties in the Dobbin story seem to have been the 583 slaughtered cattle

March 20 2007 ~ Sainsbury's responds to consumer concern about factory farming.

March 19 2007 ~ "As public concern about cruelty to farm animals grows, there has been a huge surge in demand for such eggs, which can cost as much as 80p a dozen more than battery hen products." Daelnet.uk

March 19 2007 ~ A variety of GM corn, legally imported into European Union countries since 2006, has produced signs of liver and kidney toxicity in rats

March 18/19 2007 ~ Electronic tagging: "The appropriate technology is simply not yet reliable"

March 18/19 2007 ~ If rules could really be shown to be based on common sense there would be no argument.

March 18 2007 ~ "His only alleged offence was "non-compliance" with complex bureaucratic procedures, to an extent which Defra still cannot specify".

March 16 2007 ~ "We have been as frivolous about food as we have been about the environment and the planet..."

March 16 2007 ~ Free vaccination for 95 percent of cattle in Venezuela

March 15 2007 ~ " I hate academia. Most of the scientists who work there are not free men any more and they can't speak out. That's no way to do science. "

March 15 2007 ~ a "key question"

March 15 2007 ~ Notes on the Defra FMD & CSF stakeholders' meeting on 28 February 2007

March 14/ 15 2007 ~ "Why are politicians so clueless when it comes to rural matters?" Magnus Linklater in the Times

March 14 2007 ~ Centralisation and "top-down" policies - the decline of local responsibility, good sense, economies, post officies, local services, the spread of Ghost Town Britain and the disappearance of democracy.

March 14 2007 ~ the five freedoms - "aspirations" rather than guarantees, it seems

March 14 2007 ~ UK farmers needed for window dressing

March 13/14 2007 ~ Rumours of warmwell.com's demise exaggerated...

March 10 2007 ~ "Prevention and control of avian influenza: the need for a paradigm shift

March 10 2007 ~ Agriculture ministers from six South American nations have agreed on a joint policy for improved cooperation in eliminating foot-and-mouth disease in the region

March 9 2007 ~"Together with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) we're working hard to learn all we can from this episode." Bernard Matthews

March 9 2007 ~"I wouldn't be surprised if the last thing David Miliband wanted to do was debate the performance of his department"

March 8 2007 ~ It would be useful know for certain that the Holton chicks were not infected via feed.

March 8 2007 ~ 93 tons of turkey meat from Hungary (unrecognised apparently by the TRACES database) were being processed in Holton at the height of the outbreak

March 8 2007 ~ ".. vaccination. It has been decried for years, but perhaps its time has come."

March 8 2007 ~ " Is it not time to abandon this Buzzword, "BIOSECURITY", so beloved by Defra and government".

March 7 2007 ~ " it is considered acceptable for us to risk contracting bird flu from our poultry"

March 7 2007 ~ "Certainly the Chinese can investigate what is going on in Guangdong and if their (poultry) plants there contribute to those strains, they could so something to intervene"

March 6 2007 ~ "Figures for imports into the United Kingdom of live day-old turkey chicks from outside the EU are not currently available. All consignments of live birds are liable to documentary and identity checks." Lord Rooker ( Hansard )

March 6 2007 ~ Hansard slip...

March 6 2007 ~"... what the remit is of the inquiry by his Department into the recent events at Bernard Matthews at Holton in Suffolk; and how the (a) proceedings and (b) conclusions of the inquiry will be communicated to the public"

March 6 2007 ~ Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London "made his name by advising government on tackling the spread of BSE and foot-and-mouth."

March 5 ~ "... the development of highly pathogenic strains of bird flu lies at the door of factory farming."

March 5 2007 ~ Avian influenza targets those without a voice - An enquiry should be conducted into the role of the global, intensive poultry industry in the spread of H5N1

March 5 2007 ~ Indonesia's actions "understandable" - poorer countries need affordable vaccines

March 3/4 2007 ~"The massive international movement of livestock and their products - the only possible beneficiaries of such unnecessary movements are a few powerful individuals ..The rest of us pay the price ."

March 3/4 2007 ~ UC Davis research study aimed to protect the US from foot-and-mouth disease

March 2 2007 ~ "If one cannot get to the bottom of how a disease has come in, it is not fair to expect the industry to carry the costs. "

March 2 2007 ~ Verona Conference. Ben Bradshaw says DEFRA "officials" will attend.

March 2 2007 ~ Local Suffolk free-range poultry owners astonished by "snippet" of news announcing the end of some restrictions

March 1 2007 ~ Parliamentary Question about recent imports from Hungary ignores assertion from DEFRA on January 24 2007

March 1 2007 ~ Why did DEFRA think that there had been no legal imports from Hungary at the time of the Hungary infection?

March 1 2007 ~ Yesterday "severe biosecurity shortfalls" and " poor hygiene practices" - today news of £600,000 compensation


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