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From: Nicola Morris
Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 9:41 AM
Subject: Shambo

Dear Mr Miliband

Shambo has not tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.

Shambo has reacted to a screening test for bovine tuberculosis, nothing more.

In order to lawfully slaughter Shambo your colleagues in Wales must demonstrate that Shambo's reaction is consistent with him being affected with bovine tuberculosis. Alternatively they can do what they have repeatedly done to us intimidate, threaten and force the Hindus to give Shambo up voluntarily- I know who my money is on.

The other option is to lie in Court and get the Court to sanction Shambo's unlawful slaughter- which is probably what will happen - though may be not.

We had 9 'Shambos' only one was lawfully slaughtered.
We still have 6 'Shambos' that have been on death row since 19th January. We have had a break from DEFRA intimidation - last seen on 30th April. Though I expect they will be knocking on the door shortly.

This is 'carnage by computer' as it was in FMD - your vets are misleading you - Shambo's slaughter would not be reasonable nor proportionate- there is simple, at this stage, insufficient evidence to cause him to be slaughtered. I for one will be cheering if DEFRA fall flat on their faces. Though as it happens all the time - really its business as usual.

Yours sincerely

Nicola Morris
ex Worcestershire Dairy Farmer (a closed herd)
- killed off not by TB but by DEFRA. You didn't get us during FMD but had a bloody good try - I knew then that your department's vendetta against us would be successful under the guise of what is laughingly refered to as DEFRA's 'TB control policies'

ps I am not a badger boiler - what ever happened to immunisation?
Your vets are misleading you- start asking the right questions.



































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