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Email received November 28 2007

Dear Mary

As I read through I notice one of those dreaded boluses. They seem to have gone on to radio frequency identification chips in ear tags. I still have problems with cosecure boluses being spat out. My point is that the wheel is already invented and I agree look at the waste of money looking at it...

Traceability ; I have always thought it was a stick to hit us with by the supermarkets and/or government. Having been seriously 'robbed by supermarket last year I try to sell everything locally thus obviating the need for traceability

BTV vaccine Surely if we were not governed by a load of ineffectual...........they would realise that it was in the people's interest to have some home grown produce(food security). On a national problem the govt should pay(international perhaps EU) (< I would not share anything with defra>)

You are so right about divide and rule. (Single farm payments next?)

So the solution.. Bearing in mind that for some small farmers the shearwell solution the tags are more valuable than the sheep themselves. For the govt the tracking of BSE scrapie was a self inflicted task. I ask why we cannot go back to the old system , movement book. All data is in the book, no lost pieces of paper, no corrupt computer files, up to date within 24 hrs. Regular annual inspection and signing by PC Plod,also liaising and helping with rural crime. Eliminate armies of Animal Health 'Officers' paid from county council budget. Then we would only need 1 tag with flock no. and a lost tag system recorded at the back of movement book for errors.

Thanks for the opportunity for another rant.