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Brussels, 01-04-2008


VVD (Dutch Liberal Party): Vaccination must be a bigger part of the European animal disease policies – A series of proposals by MEP Jan Mulder has been accepted


The Liberal position regarding vaccination has this morning been accepted by the EU Agriculture Committee during a vote on the European animal health strategy. VVD-MEP Jan Mulder moved several proposals to define the position in this matter of the European Parliament, the majority of which was accepted. One of the accepted proposals is to appeal to the Commission and the MSs to take measures to guarantee free trade of products from vaccinated animals. Trade restrictions, raised when an MS chooses to vaccinate after an outbreak or at the threat of an infectious animal disease, are at this moment an important reason for countries not to chose for vaccination.


Jan Mulder: "The European Commission and the member States must do everything to guarantee free trade of these products. Covenants must be made between authorities, consumer organisations, farmers’ unions, trade and retail. And labelling of products from vaccinated animals must be prohibited. These products are as safe as any other animal products and a label will unnecessarily worry consumers.”


Another accepted proposal asked for better cooperation with third countries when it comes to animal disease control. This mainly concerns countries directly bordering the EU. Mulder: "Better cooperation benefits both parties. These third countries could improve their own disease status and we reduce the risk of the diseases present in those countries to be introduced to our regions."