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Hilary Benn on food security June 12 2008

Hansard [210312] In answer to Michael Jack on the security of food supply.
Hilary Benn: Food security is about ensuring consumers have access to a stable and adequate supply of food. This requires effective risk management and contingency planning, security of energy supplies, access to food from a variety of sources and a strong domestic agricultural industry and food chain and infrastructure. In the light of recent increases in food commodity prices, we are reviewing our policies to ensure that they continue to deliver food security for all consumers.

Hansard [210303] In answer to Mr. Mackay on "what recent discussions he has had with ministerial colleagues on the security of the national food supply.
Hilary Benn: I have discussed food security, both national and global, regularly with ministerial colleagues in recent months. The UK is more self-sufficient in food supply now than we were at the end of the Second World War, but we do need to respond to changing circumstances. I intend to publish a paper on ensuring Britain's food security later this month."