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18 September 2008

Fort Dodge Launches Cattle Bluetongue Vaccine in the UK

Fort Dodge, a leading supplier of Bluetongue vaccine in continental Europe, has licensed its cattle vaccine in the UK and is now launching the product onto the UK market.

Fort Dodge is the world’s leading veterinary vaccine manufacturer and has been at the forefront of Bluetongue vaccine development. The company has already won and met tenders from several European governments, including France, Spain, Italy, Portugal Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Czech Republic for its Zulvac 8® Bovis vaccine and is the only international company to have produced vaccines for the most commonly occurring serotypes of the disease including 8, 4 and 1.

Approved by the VMD with a Provisional Marketing Authorisation, Zulvac 8 is available in 50 dose and 10 dose packs. The key claims are active immunisation against Bluetongue serotype 8 of cattle from 2.5 months old nd a significant reduction of viraemia.

The vaccine is administered in 2 x 2 ml doses at three week intervals given by intra muscular injection and the roduct is supported by a fixed 2ml multidose applicator with Sterimatic needle protector and cleaning system o ensure accurate dosing and hygienic conditions.

John Hanley, Managing Director of Fort Dodge UK, said: “Fort Dodge’s reputation in vaccine development is scond to none. We were first to market with our Zulvac 8 product in three European countries and have eceived an Award for Agricultural Merit from the Spanish Government for our work in Bluetongue control.

Following the licensing of Zulvac 8 Bovis in the UK we now have the opportunity to launch the product onto the UK market.

“In terms of pricing, Zulvac 8 is competitive per dose against other products in the market and it is supported by the experience gained in Europe with millions of animals already vaccinated. We’re delighted that the VMD have authorised the vaccine and believe its availability can play a key role in protecting the UK’s cattle from this dreadful disease.”

The product is authorised for use by cattle farmers in the protection zone only, and will require veterinary prescription. Farmers can administer the vaccine to their cattle and the 2ml intra-muscular injection will be an advantage in aiding administration especially when used with Zulvac Bovis applicator with sterimatic needle protector and cleaning system.

The first batches will be available from veterinary wholesalers from week commencing 22nd September 2008.

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