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Received Feb 5 2009 "With all the talk of compulsory registration schemes and possible headage payments so that farmers can help pay for outbreaks of disease, I would like to feel there will be some kind of discounting system in place. Surely the best way to encourage farmers to vaccinate their stock against BTV and anything else that crawls out of the woodwork in the next few years is to offer them a hefty discount the more proactive they are in managing their own animals' health. Those who belong to the various elite Health Schemes and the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme should also have discounts as should anyone who has an agreed and audited Herd Health Plan drawn up with their vet.
If a discounted system is not part of the package then this would be a tremendous opportunity wasted. I have no idea how to go about suggesting this but as always, talking to Warmwell seems to get the idea hoisted up above the parapet!" Lesley Prior in Devon

Received Feb 4 2009~ " ... Words fail me. There is no will, is there, amongst those in power in the UK to employ vaccination, and it is as simple as that. Defra only seems willing to use second rate science and to use unsound, unjustified and out of date arguments to support its case. Which century is it living in? It should be working with the farming community to support it and to enable the UK to be at the forefront, using the available state of the art diagnostics and vaccines in disease control, and ensuring high quality production in terms of welfare standards etc. Cooperation should be the buzzword. The current "coterminous stakeholder engagement" that the government employs (to use its own dreadful jargon) blatantly fails." (anonymity preferred)