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email received March 1 2009
Hello Mary,

I still log on to Warmwell and gratefully read the many updates although these days I have virtually nothing to contribute myself. Here in Suffolk, where the first outbreak happened in 2007 just a few miles away, most sheep and cattle have been vaccinated - although many cattle were not as they had already been turned out by the time the vaccine arrived. Many livestock farmers in the South East of England feel that their diligence has prevented the spread of Bluetongue and saved the rest of the country's livestock but I also think everybody agrees that the cold spring of 2008 and the miserable wet summer has played a big part in slowing down of the spread of the disease.

On Thursday I took a phone call from my vet who asked me for numbers of sheep that I want to vaccinate this year - he can get a batch of vaccine with an expiry date of June 2009 at the old price. The price of the new vaccine is going to increase by 25%. Somehow I am not surprised that there will be a price increase, but I wonder if any of your other readers and contributors have heard of quite such a steep increase.

Kind regards,