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Email received from a farmer in Woooton Bassett (Wilts) Sept 7 2009

Hello Mary,

Looking at the video, I would be much more inclined to blame the premises and the equipment for the obviously unsatifactory happenings videoed. Why were the animals not confined in a smaller space so that they were not so aware of the approach of the slaughterman and had no opportunity to escape? The men videoed seemed to me to be doing their best in very difficult circumstances. I thought that the law required live animals not to be able to see the demise of their fellows, and in that case the law was clearly being broken, and the fault would seem to be the design of the slaughter pen. A better design of shackle for the slaughtered animal should stop animals dropping off the conveyor.

When you consider all the time and trouble the Govt. has taken to shut down all the little local slaughterhouses, supposedly in the name of hygiene, and then you see this you can only conclude that the lunatics are in charge of the asylum.

(Name and address supplied)