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Pierpont writes article for peer-reviewed
clinical journal

Webcam (Skype) shot of Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD, making a Wind Turbine Syndrome
presentation from her office

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April 3, 2010, for immediate release

Dr. Nina Pierpont has been asked by the editor of a leading, peer-reviewed American
clinical journal to write a special article on Wind Turbine Syndrome.  
The journal is published both online and in hard copy, and is aimed primarily at
audiologists, otolaryngologists, and neuro-otologists.

Pierpont accepted the invitation.  The article will be peer-reviewed before publication
and should appear online in the next month or two.  Following that,
it will be published in the hard copy edition of the journal.

This means, of course, that Pierpont's research and her findings are being accepted
by the clinical medical community.

Big Wind may not take her seriously—but the medical community evidently is.

Town boards, pumped up by wind salesmen, may not take her seriously—but the international community of otolaryngologists and neuro-otologists evidently is.

How so?  Pierpont's research was presented last month in a paper at the annual meeting of
the Ménière's Society, in Austria.  It was widely praised.  The presenter was (and is) an internationally acclaimed neuro-physiologist specializing in inner ear diseases at a front-rank American medical school.

(Don't know what Ménière's Disease
is?  Click here to find out and see how it is relevant to Wind Turbine Syndrome and why otolaryngologists and neuro-otologists are now closely tracking Pierpont's research)

She offers this service, free of
charge (pro bono).  Contact her at rushton@westelcom.com.

There is more.  Pierpont is now usi
ng webcam (Skype) to testify as expert witness in lawsuits on wind turbine health effects.  (She has been hired by several Midwestern law firms to do just that.)  She will be happy to consider testifying as expert witness at your lawsuit, as well—again, by webcam (Skype).  (Like all physicians, she charges a fee for giving expert testimony.)

Note that she can testify at foreign lawsuits, as well, so long as there is an interpreter and as long as the court permits it.  Con
tact her at rushton@westelcom.com.

Let the wind developers ridicule Wind Turbine Syndrome in front of a judge, with Pierpont testifying and the international community of otolaryngologists rallying behind her—and the first of doubtless many peer-reviewed clinical articles on Wind Turbine Syndro
me in hand.

» If you are a victim of Wind Turbine Syndrome and you're sick and tired of being dismissed, ridiculed, called a NIMBY, flimflammed, and bullied by wind developers and government agencies, hire a crackerjack lawyer and contac
t Pierpont at rushton@westelcom.com.  Let's see how Big Wind's bluster, phony evidence, and ludicrous reports hold up in court.

» If you live in a community which is considering wind turbines, and your town board seems determined to allow inadequate turbine setbacks (anything under 2 km is clinically unacceptable), inform your board that you are more than willing to sue them once the turbines go up.  That you will hire Pierpont to give expert testimony against the board.  Again, let's see how Big Wind's bluster, phony evidence, ludicrous reports, and bogus “experts” fare in court.  It will be the greatest show on earth.  (Pierpont actually enjoys devouring bozos, including bozo lawyers, in court.  With that Yale, Princeton, Hopkins, Dartmouth-trained steeltrap mind, she's remarkably good at it, in fact.)

Be p
repared to win.

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