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Bovine TB - A Way Forward

November 22nd 2010 ~ The important and humane film, "The Way Forward", can be watched freely online again

November 7th 2010 ~ "The Way Forward" as a free streamed DVD has now been withdrawn from the Mole Valley website

October 25th 2010 ~ Chris Chapman's moving and informative short film, The Way Forward, can now be watched online.

December 3 2009 ~" I wanted to show how the disease has got out of control and yet is not being addressed."

19 November 2009 ~ "nice to meet Chris Chapman yesterday. Lovely chap, and a very good photographer / film maker

November 3 2009 ~ " I'm confident that what we have is a non political, educational and informative film which will go a long way to help the public understand the disease and how we might move forward."

March 21 2009 ~ bTB "I am truly THRILLED about this film..."

March 19 2009 ~ Bovine TB: Campaign to trap and vaccinate badgers to begin next year.

March 2 2009 ~ Bovine TB: A Way Forward

February 27th 2009 ~ "The film will highlight the current anomaly whereby vets and farmers, under present legislation, are unable to take control of the crisis. .."