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This is a short message about what the High Court is trying to do.

They are now informing me that it is possible to amend the court order so that it orders me to pay Defra's costs. The court officials are lying about what they have said to me on the telephone. One official, as I believe I mentioned to you,  has told me they have no record of the writ having been issued and that a copy was sent to the Court at a later date.  Now he is denying  saying such a thing.
 However, I have two copies of the writ; one sent eventually by Defra and one sent by the Court.
Both copies are from the same one original document as may be shown by the identical handwriting in several areas on both copies. However, the two sheets have been stamped by the court in different places after 11 December 2002. 
If the Court had issued the writ correctly, and as they say, on 5 November 2002  then they will be able to provide me with a copy from their records that may be shown to be a genuine copy of the writ prior to it being sent to the Sheriff's office, who have probably written in the date of receipt in December 2002.
It is now that someone from the Press needs to be interested; not for us personally but because of this proposed change in bailiff law and powers of entry
 I was telephoned the other day by one of the Sheriff's Officers for Powys and Glamorgan, and his rudeness quite took me aback. He informed me of the White Paper, which I already knew about, and said that I would be able to see "where the government is going on this". It felt like a veiled threat that they would be able to return and force entry to our home.
The collusion between the High Court and the government really needs a public airing.