Campbell's dossier denials:
As I write Tony Blair's spin boss sometimes referred to, even deferred to, as the real deputy Prime Minister has been before the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee. This, unlike its brother committees in the United States, is a relatively toothless outfit with little real power, it cannot even force Alastair Campbell to attend. He originally told them he would not. This afternoon he has done so. It's a picture of injured incredulity as he tells them he had nothing to do with "sexing up" the September intelligence document which fuelled the path to war. He says he "sexed it down" but he admits a mistake over the February document which we at Channel Four News originally exposed as plagiarism.

Read the expose that brought Alastair to heel here:

Campbell says he only found out about it when we revealed it. He blusters and outfaces the MPs warning them how serious their charges are against him. It's a small insight into how he cowers the lobby journalists with whom he intersects on a daily basis. But the MPs have so far failed to expose him. Neither have they got him to explain how his secretary and three other people came to have a role in preparing the document. We are at the heart of the charges of deception against Tony Blair - whether we shall ever reach the jugular, well, that's the question. Blood runs slow down them there places.

Behind the killings:
So to Iraq where the killing of the six Military Policemen is under investigation. The British government says it was murder. Locals say it was a civilian uprising. Two seem to have been shot dead whilst out on an operation, four others were chased to a police station and shot there. There's no sign of Saddam or Baathist elements. Rather, our correspondent Lindsey Hilsum finds, an abiding hatred in the place where it happened, Al Amarah, for both Saddam and his party. They talk of sorrow about the killings and of frustration with endless "broken promises." Her account at seven. More now here:

I've been talking to US ambassador Bremer who's US pro-consul in Iraq. Tricky communications do not cloud the difficulty he's in.

We have a remarkable interview with the family of the young Iranian woman who burnt herself to death at the French embassy the other day.

Some tennis, some football, some intrigue and much else. And me in a bit of a panic to get everything done in to dash.

See you at seven as ever is, warmest regards.

Jon Snow

UK Weather:
Another warm and humid day across the UK tomorrow, with plenty of sunshine across eastern and northern parts of the UK. Some scattered showers across central southern parts of England. More persistent and heavy rain will be moving eastwards across Ireland. Winds will remain light and from he east-southeast.

Business news:
The US is expected to cut interest rates - it's hoped that it will help kick-start their slowing economy. In response to this in New York a few moments ago, the Dow Jones was up 34 points at 9144. In the City, the FTSE's finished the day up 7 points at 4068. UK stocks rose ahead this afternoon after solid results from Dixons inspired the sector. On the money markets, the pound's steady against the dollar at 1 dollar 67-and-a-half. Against the euro, the pound's also steady at over 1 euro 44-and-a-half.