[ just to let off some steam]

Looks like the slaughter of innocent Iraquis may begin on the second anniversary of Blair's minister authorising the slaughter of all animals within 3 km of an infected farm, 15 March 2001. That led to the break up of MAFF and the alienation of a large portion of the population. This time it is likely to lead to the break up of NATO and the UN, and the alienation of most of the rest of the world. Blair managed to re-name MAFF, but it won't be so easy to replace NATO and the UN. Is that what Bush and Blair want? to rule the world?

Blair believes that his undemocratic decision to go to war for the sake of democracy is the "right" thing to do. That's all that matters, his opinion and Bush's. The opinion of others counts for nothing. It is all chillingly reminiscent of the Nazi propaganda machine and its solutions.

If Saddam is so evil and poses such a risk, why not target him. and his (dangerous contacts) cronies, and treat the innocent with humanity? Afraid of the precedent? We may not have suicidal killers, but the Blair/Bush strategy is likely to generate many more on the other side, who in their turn will target the innocent.

Blair, why will you not listen to the advice of the democratic institutions created to solve international disputes?