David Lidington:  The Food Labelling Bill is here to help the British Consumer and Farmer


Today at the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers Annual Conference David Lidington MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, gave his official Conservative backing to the Food Labelling Bill.  The Food Labelling Bill is being sponsored by Stephen O’Brien MP for Eddisbury, Cheshire.


“The Food Labelling Bill will seek to change the law to insist that food that is sold to a consumer should be marked with the name of the country of origin and to indicate whether the standards of hygiene or animal welfare in that country match those that we insist on here.”


Stephen O’Brien MP says, “The Government has a real opportunity on this the third time of presenting the Honesty and Food Labelling Bill, and not to scuttle behind arguments that the matter is delegated to Europe, rather than the British Parliament.  In the interest of British farmers, producers and consumers alike, this Bill has always had the backing of the NFU, the National Pig Association, and Consumer groups.  If a Labour Government won’t back it, then I am delighted that the next Conservative Government will.”



David Lidington MP said,  “I welcome Stephen O’Brien MP for Eddisbury Food Labelling Bill it will take the debate forward and add pressure on Ministers to introduce more stringent rules on labelling.  The last time a similar Bill was put forward, it was blocked by Government Ministers.  The Government’s approach to this Bill will be a test of the Government’s sentiment towards British Farmers.”



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