Upcott Farm,


Devon. EX 14 3LP


Dear Sir.

            On April 7 2003, Mrs Margaret Beckett  M.P wrote to a fellow M.P. and confirmed that there is still swill at Burnside Farm, Heddon on The Wall. She said It is true that, on the day the farm was signed off as clean, there still remained in one of the swill holding tanks on the premises a small residue of swill. For some weeks prior to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth, this tank had been three quarters full of stagnant swill. These must have been the conditions when MAFF renewed the swill feeding licence on January 24 2001, just a few days before Burnside Farm became the index case for Foot and Mouth Disease.

            This evidence will be presented to the ex-swill feeder who was forced out of business without compensation, and who seeks the charge of misfeasance against DEFRA and MAFF in the High court. This ex-swill feeder has filed his papers in the High Court and will seek to establish that MAFF was responsible for the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease, because they failed in their regulatory duty by allowing Burnside Farm to have a swill feeding licence when the facilities and procedures of that farm should have prevented a licence from being issued.

            I believe that H M Government will bring pressure to bear and try to prevent this case coming to Court. However, if justice prevails and this case is heard, the revelations will lead to renewed pressure for a Public Inquiry into FMD. Following the granting of another Inquiry into Bloody Sunday, precedent has been set for a Public Inquiry, some time after the event, into FMD. More people lost their lives as a result of FMD than lost their lives on Bloody Sunday and that is also ignoring the loss of life of 10,000,000 animals and all the Government cover ups. Mrs Beckett should be aware that the truth will eventually come to the surface.


          Yours faithfully

 Robert Persey