GM trade war

(Extract from Friends of the Earth page)

"...The US Government has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding the European Union's policy on genetically modified (or GM) food.

It follows heavy lobbying by big US-based biotechnology multinationals like Monsanto.

The problem is that no-one really knows the effects of GM on our health and the environment - and the EU has generally been taking a cautious approach.

How WTO disputes work (PDF 241K)

But the US will argue that the EU reluctance to take GM foods is a illegal barrier to free trade. And given the secretive WTO's pro-business bias - its likely to agree.

Friends of the Earth believes that it's just the latest Bush government-led attempt to bulldoze over other countries' rights to protect their people and the environment. .....

Email your US Ambassador

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I am writing to express my deep regret that the United States government has asked the World Trade Organisation to conduct formal consultations over European approval regulations for genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The people of Europe have repeatedly said that we do not wish to eat foods derived from or containing GMOs. Europe is in the process of developing important legislation that will allow consumers formally to express that choice, something the US Government has not made available to US citizens. By challenging this right to choose through the WTO your government is sending a strong message to European citizens that the US does not respect either our democracy or our freedoms.

I respectfully urge that you express my dismay to your government and seek the withdrawal of this WTO complaint.

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