My Meeting with the Minister

Thursday May 15th 2003, I met with Environment Minister, Michael Meacher, and Lord Tom King, former Defence Minister, at the DEFRA headquarters where I informed them over some of my startling new findings collected during my latest USA research visit. 

They seemed more than keen to ensure that I was funded properly for my research, but then sadly handed me over to the very same senior government officials in the chief science group who were responsible for rejecting my last grant application. So once again, it seems that the officials, as opposed to the Ministers, have the final control of what research directions are followed. 

There seemed to be an overriding misconception at the meeting that the peer reviewers had spiked my last grant application, but I was quick to point out that the DEFRA officials had in fact been responsible for the rejection, rather than the reviewers. Considering four and a half of the five reviewers had actually come out in support of funding my three year research study, it was DEFRA who had chosen to focus upon the one single negative review and run with that at the end of the day - irrespective of the validity of my protest. 

So was I naive enough to have my fingers burnt yet again; and watch all my latest red hot data get whisked away and publicly ridiculed, but then ironically plagiarized and cuckooed out by some suitably 'tame' professor, appointed by DEFRA, into a further application that gets submitted to some alternative funding body like the EU and then funded to the tune of one million pounds? 

That ordeal personally destroyed me and my family. 

Mark Purdey - 23rd May 2003