Thanks, from Michael Moore, on Saddam Statue Toppling Day

October 9, 2003

As I head out on my book tour this morning, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for making my new book #1 on, a place it's held now for the past week.

By now, most of you have probably seen the "Dude, Where's My Country?" cover of the Bush statue being toppled. Today is the 6-month anniversary of the Baghdad photo-op where the Saddam statue came a tumblin' down ("We won! We won! did we do? Right! WE WON!"). We thought we'd celebrate by taking out a full page ad in today's New York Times -- of us toppling Bush! It doubles as a great poster that you can just rip out of the paper and hang on your wall. If you live anywhere near a New York Times box, pick up a copy today (Oct. 9 -- it's on the back page of the Arts section). If not, you can download here.

Well, I'm off to Boston on the first leg of a 35-city tour. Hope you can come see me if you have the time ( click here to see the tour schedule). I'll be keeping a tour diary on my web site, and I'll be adding new stuff to the site every couple days.

In the meantime, don't be depressed about Arnold. The people are pissed off and they have every right to be. They are in a "removal" mood. That is a good thing. As soon as we do our work to inform our friends and neighbors how Bush has wrecked the country, the economy and our standing in the world, they will be more than ready for "Terminator IV: Hasta La Vista Bush." And, please, let this be the end of wimpy, wishy-washy Democrats like Gray Davis who are really Republicans. The American public hates b.s. and hates fakes. We -- you -- need to think about getting people to run for office who STAND for something. Time is running out.

See you on the road!

Michael Moore