Caught Between Science & Society:

Researching & Documenting the Impact of FMD

Foot and Mouth Disease Conference

East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham

Tuesday 7th October 2003

9.30 10am


10 11.10am

The social study of FMD in the UK

Presentations by:

Dr Brigitte Nerlich The social and cultural impact of FMD: a study not to be dismissed out of hand? (IGBiS, University of Nottingham)

Dr Maggie Mort Life after FMD: the experience of collective trauma (Institute for Health Research, Lancaster University)

Professor Nick Pidgeon, Dr Wouter Poortinga Dr Karen Bickerstaff (Centre for Environmental Risk, University of East Anglia) The British 2001 foot and mouth crisis: a comparative study of public risk perceptions, trust and beliefs about government policy in two communities


Professor John Beckett
(Department of History, University of Nottingham)



11.20 12.30am

Foot and mouth and rural communities

Presentations by:

Professor Michael Winter (Head of School of Geography, Archaeology & Earth Resources, University of Exeter) An Ethnographic Account of Foot and Mouth Disease in Devon

Nick Wright (IGBiS, University of Nottingham) Miscommunication and misunderstanding: discourses of FMD

Dr Matt Lobley & Dr Matt Reed (Centre for Rural Research, University of Exeter) A drama amongst the other crises: the impact of foot and mouth disease in farming family hardship in North Devon

Chair: Dr Brigitte Nerlich (IGBiS, University of Nottingham)

12.30 1.30pm











1.30 3.00pm

Foot and mouth: institutional responses

Presentations by:

Professors David Campbell and Robert Lee (Law School, Cardiff University) The Lawlessness of the UK Government's Response to the Foot and Mouth Epidemic of 2001

Professor Sheila Crispin, (Professor and Research Fellow of Comparative Ophthalmology, Division of Companion Animal Studies, University of Bristol)

Barrie Williams FMD in the West Country - and the role of the Western Morning News (Editor of the Western Morning News)

Pamela Sandiford reads some poems about FMD


Nick Wright (IGBiS, University of Nottingham)

3 3:30pm


3.30 4pm

The cultural documents of the foot and mouth epidemic

Ian Hunter (Director, LITTORAL Arts, An Arts Trust for Social and Environmental Change)


4.00 4.50pm

Foot and mouth: The social and cultural impact

Round table discussion

Lessons learned from the various FMD projects

Learning from the past planning for the future


Professor Anne Murcott (IGBiS, University of Nottingham)


4.50 5.00pm



Brigitte Nerlich

5.00pm -

Drinks at the Staff Club & departure