Just scanning PQs for a few dates in September, and just happened to come across something I had wanted to know for ages - the amount of compensation claimed from EU by Defra, and the amount actually paid to date.
More than £1.5 billion has been claimed, of which 60% in theory payable by EU. 
Interestingly to date, only £217 million of a possible £948.6 million has been paid to UK by EU. 
"Further amounts will only be paid following completion of Commission audits of expenditure incurred during the disease outbreaks."
(Source: PQ 128263 Hayes and Bradshaw).

Contagious Animal Diseases

Mr. Hayes: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs if she will list those outbreaks of contagious animal diseases which have occurred since May 1997, for which the European

15 Sept 2003 : Column 460W

Commission has issued Decisions or communications to limit their spread; what numbers of livestock were killed to limit spread; what support funds were released in compensation; what amount was taken up by government; and what proportion of the value of lost stock this equated to. [128263]

Mr. Bradshaw: Since May 1997 there have been two outbreaks of contagious notifiable disease which have occurred in the UKóclassical swine fever in 2000 and foot and mouth disease in 2001. Control of these was governed by both domestic and EU legislation. On both occasions the European Commission also issued Decisions.

A proportion of the costs of eradicating these diseases can be reimbursed by the European Commission to the member state and the UK Government have submitted official applications for such reimbursement. Relevant details are as follows:


Classical swine fever 2000 Foot and mouth disease 2001
Number of confirmed cases 16 2030
Livestock killed for disease control 74,793 4,230,786
Compensation paid for livestock (£) 4,453,399 1,033,000,000
Total compensation for which EU reimbursement claimed (includes other costs) (£) 7,632,925 1,581,000,000
Maximum rate of EU re-imbursement (percentage) 50 60
Maximum amount of re-imbursement (£) 3,816,463 948,600,000
Amount received to date(3) (£) 1,809,460 217,000,000

(3) Further amounts will only be paid following completion of Commission audits of expenditure incurred during the disease outbreaks.